Wisdom Teeth Removal in Kitchener

Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most dreaded things giving nightmares to nearly everybody.
What is wisdom tooth and when do we have them?

The last pair of molars that erupt mostly in the late 20’s or in late teens and that too dead end of the gums and those are called wisdom teeth. If they get stuck under the gums if they do not get enough space to grow then they may cause pain.

It is like the last dental milestone of one’s lifetime. When they erupt, they do so with slight to severe pain and discomfort. In some cases, they appear with mild discomfort but later they adjust normally.

Why Do We Need to Remove Them?

In the majority of the cases, wisdom tooth does not get enough space to erupt properly which starts to exert pressure on the gums which in turn lead to pain and discomfort. Also due to them, the bacterial growth may occur as the food particle may get stuck in between the hard to reach teeth and hence improper brushing & oral cavity cleanliness. Which may lead to infection, gum problem, swelling in the gums, tooth decay, pain, stiffness in the jaws or damage to the other teeth.

The dentist needs to diagnose that with the help of an X-Ray and then he can deduce whether or not it should be removed.

Is it a Painful Process?

It is done under the local anesthesia and that is all decided by the oral surgeon after looking at the stage of the teeth. If it fully erupted, it becomes easier to take it out otherwise precision is needed to see the extent of the eruption and removing it.

Why Choose US?

We at City Smiles Dentistry fully understand your anxiousness pertaining to your wisdom tooth extraction. Our expert oral maxillofacial surgeons do their job skillfully and with precision.

Our clinic provides the best and impeccable service in the extraction of wisdom teeth in Kitchener area. We keep follow up to check up on the success rate of the procedure.

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