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Root Canal Therapy Treatment Specialist in Kitchener

Root canal treatments/ therapy remove the dead or infected pulp through a small opening in the tooth.
The root canals are sealed to prevent bacteria from reaching the bone, and the opening in the tooth is
sealed with a filling or crown. With a root canal, you can keep your natural teeth and avoid a costly
tooth replacement.
To call root canal treatment an excruciating one is a misnomer. As the technology has forged ahead
and taken a giant leap, dental technology doesn’t lag behind. With the latest cutting edge dental
advancements, the process has become very comfortable and painless & gives better and accurate
City Smiles Dentistry is one of the most trustworthy & reliable for all the dentistry & affordable Root
Canal Treatments/ therapy in Kitchener Ontario. As we take utmost care to get you rid of the cause of
the pain that wears you down and we make you wear your smile back again.
A root canal is a multiple parts process. Foremost is inspecting the infected tooth, finding the root
cause of infection, or the damage. The next step is, drilling the tooth to clean out the infected pulp and
the canals of the root. The final lap is to fill the root and sealing it to avoid any kind of bacterial
infection and that too with a sealant material & then the crowning of the tooth.
Our competent team has a fine grip on the root canal treatment and conducts the tricky root canal
therapy very cautiously using sterilized dentistry tools, equipment, and sophisticated technology.
Hence, making it a painless and successful process for you. It lasts for a lifetime provided you keep
extra care of your oral cavity after the treatment. This way you can retain your own natural tooth
instead of going in for expensive replacement.
We always promote one thing that if you take care of your teeth well, your teeth will take care of your
radiant smile. We are also welcoming new patients. To pre-book your appointment with root canal
specialist for your Root Canals Therapy in Kitchener, root canal treatment in Kitchener, call City
Smiles Dentistry now on: 519-576-9090 or send us an email at

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